Chasteberry is the fruit of the chaste tree, which bears the scientific name Vitex agnus-castus. Other trees and plants in the Vitex genus are typically tropical in nature, but this species is also found in temperate areas. The tree and its berries have the name “chaste” because the fruit was long believed to be an aphrodisiac. The effects that this plant can have on the reproductive health of both men and women is largely why it remains in use to this day.

  • As a dietary supplement (capsule, tablet, powder, etc.), these berries can help minimize PMS symptoms, such as mood swings and cramps.
  • If you suffer from menstrual pain, using these berries regularly can improve your symptoms over the long-term
  • Reducing fibroids
  • Boosting female fertility by balancing estrogen levels
  • Easing tenderness in the breasts [4]
  • Promoting lactation in the breasts
  • Reducing inflammation in the prostate for men
  • Treating migraines and lowering blood pressure
  • Stimulating the libido
  • Aiding in weight loss efforts
  • Speeding the healing of bone fractures
  • Repelling insects
  • Lowering the risk of developing uterine fibroids
  • Treating endometriosis
  • Preventing amenorrhea


  • Although there is some debate about the appropriate dose of chasteberry, most experts recommend taking 20 milligrams of a dry supplement three times a day, particularly if you are using it to balance your hormones.

35MG/ ML